This project was part of a workshop in collaboration with another french university, as well as the university of alexandria in egypt. The semester began with a trip to alexandria. the project site is called mina el bassal, it is an old industrial site that was known for cotton pressing. It is composed of 8 buildings which are abandoned. 
Diaruna is a word in arabic that means "our homes". It is used to express a strong attachment, pride, and nostalgia towards one's home. This term is often used in the context of preserving and documenting the architectural heritage of historic homes and buildings. this project is designed to revive local domestic practices through a multi-scalar approach. Mina El Bassal's industrial buildings become villages within the city, offering spaces for housing in its different forms that reflect the essence of local ways of life. This project not only revitalises architectural structures but also orchestrates flows of movement, redefining boundaries between private and public spaces, and blurring the lines between intimate and shared domains.

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