Insertion in site:
Cross section of the mega gardian's spaces in the water tower:
Longitudinal cross section of the hidden lodging of the organisers:
Cross section of the hidden lodging of the organisers:
Floor plans of the organisers rooms and the mega gardian's private spaces:
Detailed cross sections of the mega gardian's private spaces and his personalised furniture:
Project teaser: 
The prisoners get up and kick off the day, but not once do they see them. They don’t realise who they’re living with. Yet they’re watching their every move. They see them, hear them, feel them. As for him, he watches over them all, all the time. He is omnipresent, and he imprisons them all. From his bed, he exercises total power.
But could this power imprison him?
This project is inspired by a book called "Les furtifs" by Alain Damasio. The main theme of the book is furtiveness (sneakiness, secretiveness), and its relation to the cohabitation of different peoples and species. 
On Alcatraz Island, on the ruins of the Alcatraz prison, this project hides discretely. The idea is to create housing for extreme tourists that come to Alcatraz and experience the life of a prisoner. The organisers of this touristic activity need to be present on the island to supervise, without the tourists seeing them and spoiling the experience, therefore they have to be hidden, discrete. One man, the mega gardian, needs to be able to observe them all at all times to make sure things go as planned, he therefore has a special spot in the old water tower.

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